Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Few Pleas! Please!

Hi everybody! for those of you I saw (and met for the first time!) today at Cathy's house it was such a nice time - and it was an exciting preview for next month's fun time!

So I have a few pleading questions/requests for y'all:

1) Please RSVP!!!! honestly it just clicked when some very kind folks sent regrets in that RSVP really just means "send regrets please"... but what I really need are the "heck yeah I'm there"s and the "I can only make dinner but I'm going to bring the party!"s to come out of the woodwork so I can make reservations. So I put a little list on the RH side of the page -- apologies if you've told me you're coming and it isn't noted - feel free to send me a little note that says "Liz - layoff the booz and get your shit straight!"

2) As a non-native Virginian I'd love some input on Winery Choice -- have any faves near Veritas? So far I've got votes for Kings Family, Pollock, Cardinal Pt and Jefferson. Let me know what you think!

3) GAMES! Who's got a good one? Margo has made it clear we are not allowed to embarass her in public but I say what happens in the Party Van stays in the Party Van!! So send your clean and dirty game ideas our way!


  1. as the native who drives around up there all the time - i can say that our family's favorite places up there are: veritas, wintergreen, afton mountain, cardinal point, and one other than i can't remember. claire has all the deets though b/c she and david buy like 5 cases every time they drive down the road.

  2. Dude now I know that I can't put any secret-from-the-bride info on here :)

  3. i'll stop checking it. i'll delete it from my favorites RIGHTNOW.